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Custom Dynamics' TruFLEX(R)

TruFLEX® Professional Grade Flexible LED Lighting Strips
  • TruFLEX® is a new flexible LED lighting strip that, in every aspect, has been engineered from the ground up for maximum performance and reliability.  It is unlike any other flexible LED strip on the market today in terms of look, performance, flexibility, reliability, and warranty.  TruFLEX® can be used for running lights, turn signals, taillights, brake lights, or auxiliary lighting on any 12VDC system including motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, boats, ATV's and snowmobiles.   Available with Red, Amber, or White LEDs in a choice of Clear, Amber, Red or Smoked tubing.   

  • FR4 Board, engineered for Improved Flexibility, board can be flexed in a small radius circle. 
  • LED's have 120º viewing angle, Genesis surface mount LEDs in Amber Red or White.
  • Housing Color: Choice of Clear, Amber, Red or Smoked
  • Housing: Engineered for Maximum Flexibility, no need to warm/heat to bend housing; UV Stable
  • Light Dispersion: Unique facet design increases viewing angle and improves performance.
  • End Caps: 100% sealed with UV Stable Military grade RTV (MIL-A-46146)
  • Wire: 36" Stranded copper 26 gauge wire
  • Attachment: 3M(tm) Automotive acrylic plus attachment tape
  • Voltage: Wide operating range: 9-14 VDC
  • Low Current Draw:  Approximately 25MA for every 5LEDs
TrueFLEX® Warranty:
  • Lifetime warranty against LED Failure
  • Lifetime warranty against water damage
  • Lifetime warranty against UV damage
  • Lifetime warranty against wire blockage
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